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The Facelift Is Over: How FaceTite® Can Restore Face and Neck Balance

Posted April 30, 2020

3 Min Read:  Aging often brings with it a range of undesirable changes to our faces and bodies—and sagging skin along the lower face and neck can hit the ego hard. Unfortunately, sagging facial skin and jowls are hard to address without surgical intervention. This is why almost 122,000 men and women underwent facelift surgery […]

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What Is FaceTite™?

Posted February 20, 2018

Major surgery can be a daunting proposition for some men and women. It is often the invasiveness of surgery or extended recovery period that prevents people from obtaining the refreshed appearance they desire. Thanks to technological advancements in cosmetic medicine, there are several options for facial rejuvenation that do not necessitate general anesthesia or significant […]

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