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All You Need to Know About Facelift Surgery

Posted April 30, 2019 in Facelift

There is, as of yet, no true fountain of youth to drink from to get rid of the effects of aging, and thus we all go through its changes. Getting older often means different things to different people. From sagging skin and deep lines to sun spots and crow’s feet, the signs of aging can […]

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What Nipple Reconstruction Can Do for You

Posted March 15, 2019 in Nipple Reconstruction

Many people seek out plastic surgery as a way to enhance their bodies and appearances. It can also boost their confidence and self-esteem. However, there are a few people who find themselves turning to plastic surgery to address defects from birth or even fix issues from previous surgical procedures. For some women, these issues may […]

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Can I Breastfeed After Breast Surgery?

Posted February 04, 2019 in Breast Surgery

For many women, motherhood is one of life’s greatest experiences, and being able to breastfeed their baby is something many new mothers cherish. But can breast surgery affect this amazing ability? Women who have previously undergone breast surgery may find themselves facing some challenges if they decide to breastfeed after surgery—but rest assured, breastfeeding your […]

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Which Body Contouring Procedure Is Right for Me?

Posted December 24, 2018 in Body Contouring

Just about everyone wants a slim figure. A person can try all types of diets and crazy exercise routines to lose weight and tone their body, and though some people are successful in creating a thinner, better-contoured physique with diet and exercise alone, others find that losing those last few inches is nearly impossible. Plastic […]

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Breast Reduction Surgery for Men

Posted November 28, 2018 in Gynecomastia Surgery, Male Plastic Surgery

One of the most common cosmetic concerns that our male patients have is a condition known as gynecomastia (the appearance of male breasts). Often caused by hormonal imbalances, gynecomastia is more common than many patients realize. Because the condition is so common, there are now effective treatment options available, including male breast reduction. While bothersome […]

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Are Lip Injections for Me?

Posted October 19, 2018 in Lip Injections

It’s hard not to notice the increasing popularity of full lips with the rise of celebrities like Kylie Jenner. While there are some at-home tricks and treatments to help you plump your lips, for many people with thin, undefined lips, these tricks are short lived or don’t provide quality results. For these women and men, […]

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Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back With a Mommy Makeover!

Posted September 28, 2018 in Mommy Makeover

Most people would agree that mothers love their children. When they look at them, it’s as if they cannot imagine their life without them. However, when they look at their bodies and the toll pregnancy and childbirth have taken on their physique, the reaction is likely not the same. Many women realize that their bodies […]

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Liposuction or CoolSculpting®

Posted August 23, 2018 in CoolSculpting, Liposuction

How do you decide between liposuction and CoolSculpting®? First, let’s take a look at the similarities. Both procedures are used to permanently remove fat cells from the target area. This is done in order to sculpt and contour the body and eliminate fat in areas that are hard to target through diet and exercise alone. […]

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Say Goodbye to Chipmunk Cheeks!

Posted July 16, 2018 in Buccal Fat Removal

While chipmunk cheeks may be adorable in babies and young children, they tend to lose their cuteness factor as you grow older. A more angled and defined face is usually preferred by most adults. Chipmunk cheeks are common among people who have genetically round faces, and, unfortunately, when it comes to your facial shape and […]

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Which Breast Procedure Is Right for Me?

Posted June 11, 2018 in Breast Surgery

Breast procedures are at the very top of the list of most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries. Breasts are a symbol of femininity, sensuality, and confidence for women. Unfortunately, heredity, aging, pregnancy, and breastfeeding all play roles in altering the size and shape of your breasts, which can result in lackluster feelings in regards to your […]

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