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CoolSculpting® in Los Angeles

Fat. It can be stubborn and annoying, and we praise the absence of it. Although it isn’t a “four-letter word,” it can make us cringe as if it is one. The abdomen is one of the most stubborn areas that tend to carry pockets of excess fat, and many refer to these bulges of fatty deposits as love handles or muffin tops. For years, we have been trying to find the magical cure to get rid of stubborn fat. Although fat reduction can’t happen overnight, that doesn’t mean we don’t have any options for achieving our weight-loss goals. In the past, the idea of “freezing off” fat was just a fantasy, but today there is a non-surgical method that does just that to eliminate those midriff rolls. CoolSculpting® is a safe and effective non-surgical treatment designed to target stubborn excess fat in the abdominal area.
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Achieved with CoolSculpting®


CoolSculpting® is designed to remove fat naturally from the body without the use of knives, needles, or suction devices. This treatment uses controlled cooling to target and crystallize fat cells. Once crystallized, the fat cells gradually die, and the body naturally eliminates them from the body. Over the next few months following the CoolSculpting® treatment, the remaining cells condense reducing the fat layer.


The abdomen is one of the most problematic areas of the body and has a tendency to store stubborn fat cells that cause abdominal bulges, which can look sloppy and unflattering. CoolSculpting® helps to destroy fat cells in the midsection, the flanks, and the sides of the abdominal region. Patients can expect to achieve a slimmer and more attractive waistline that beautifully shapes their entire silhouette.


The dreaded love handles or muffin top can cause many to be embarrassed about showing off the abdominal region. A person may steer away from wearing tight clothing, bathing suits, and midriff tops because of the appearance of their abdomen. After CoolSculpting®, many patients restore their self-image and have the confidence to wear more stomach-revealing fashions.


Since CoolSculpting® effectively destroys and eliminates fat, patients can expect to get rid of their abdominal fat for good. However, patients should not treat CoolSculpting® as a weight loss solution and should maintain a healthy lifestyle, including sticking to a regular diet and exercise regimen if they wish to achieve long-term results.

What Does CoolSculpting® Entail?


A gel pad and applicator are applied to the targeted area. The CoolSculpting® device uses suctioning to draw up the fat bulges between two cooling panels and slowly lowers the temperature. As the cooling begins, patients may initially feel an intense cold firmness and pressure, but this sensation will gradually alleviate. Most patients will go numb within five to 10 minutes into the treatment and comfortably sit through the procedure. They may leisurely read, check their email, or even take a nap during their CoolSculpting® treatment.


After CoolSculpting®, many patients will feel a tingling sensation after the area is massaged for a few minutes. Since CoolSculpting® doesn’t involve any needles or surgery, most patients can return to work and their normal activities immediately following treatment.


CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive treatment that does not require any incisions; therefore, patients will not have to be concerned about any scarring or evidence of the procedure.


The final cost of CoolSculpting® is dependent on the patient’s goals and target areas. Dr. Taylor’s highly experienced technician, Regina Sardo, will perform your CoolSculpting® procedure and can provide you with an estimate on the cost of your individualized treatment.


Patients may feel a slight cooling during the treatment. Some experience the post-procedural tingling; however, this sensation will dissipate quickly.

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  • Who are the best candidates for CoolSculpting®?

    The best candidates for CoolSculpting® treatment are those who at or near their goal weight and want to target abdominal fat. CoolSculpting® is designed to eliminate problematic bulges of fat that is unresponsive to diet and exercise. It is not a substitute for traditional procedures such as liposuction and is not a weight loss solution for patients who are overweight or obese. It is important for patients to be in good health and willing to maintain their CoolSculpting® results with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

  • Are the results from my CoolSculpting® treatment permanent?

    CoolSculpting® is designed to permanently destroy fat cells. Once the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from the body, they can no longer grow back. However, the remaining fat cells can swell and enlarge; therefore, a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen are recommended to maintain results.

  • How many CoolSculpting® treatments will I need?

    Most patients achieve results after one treatment; however, every personalized treatment plan may differ, and some patients might require more treatments for optimal results.

  • How long does CoolSculpting® treatment take?

    CoolSculpting® usually lasts one to three hours depending the needs of the patient.

  • Can CoolSculpting® be performed on other areas besides the abdomen?

    In addition to the abdominal area, CoolSculpting® is FDA-approved to target visible fat bulges in the submental area (beneath the chin), thighs, and flanks.

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