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A lot of people complain about looking older than they feel. Luckily, with advances in modern medicine, individuals now have options that can help to slow down or stop the dramatic effects of aging. One of those treatments is Jeuveau®.

Jeuveau® is a neurotoxin injectable—similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic—that is often referred to as “Newtox.” Neurotoxins are injected into various muscles of the face to reduce signs of aging by preventing tissues from contracting to form wrinkles. This is most commonly used in the muscles around the eyes and forehead.

Jeuveau® is the newest neuromodulator on the market and is gaining popularity for its ability to provide BOTOX® Cosmetic-like results at a fraction of the cost. Jeuveau® is FDA approved and is produced with the highest quality standards.

Am I a Candidate for Jeuveau®?

To qualify for Jeuveau®, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • You are an adult
  • You have mild to severe wrinkles or frown lines that concern you
  • You will commit to regular treatments with Jeuveau® to achieve long-term, dramatic results

While Jeuveau® treats the same areas as BOTOX® Cosmetic, it cannot accomplish everything that BOTOX® can do. Jeuveau® is used strictly for cosmetic purposes; it cannot be used to treat chronic migraines, excessive sweating, or muscle spasms the way BOTOX® can.

How Is Jeuveau® Injected?

Jeuveau® is injected into the facial muscles around the eyes, brows, and forehead by a trained medical professional.

Jeuveau® paralyzes the muscles in the face to smooth the skin and make you appear younger. This prescription drug blocks communications between a nerve and its target muscle, which eliminates a wrinkle’s ability to form.

For optimal results, you will need to return for follow-up injections. Your provider will advise when and how often you will need to return for more treatments. Most patients maintain their results for three to six months.

What Is Jeuveau® Recovery Like?

This treatment is non-invasive and completely safe. You can discuss any concerns you have with your provider during your consultation.

As this is a non-invasive procedure, the downtime is virtually nonexistent. Some patients will experience mild bruising, but this isn’t overly common. Patients can continue with their day immediately after receiving the treatment.

What Results Can I Expect From Jeuveau®?

Patients who have Jeuveau® will notice smoother, younger-looking skin. Some individuals will see results in as little as two to three days, with the full results showing within seven to 10 days of receiving the treatment.

For optimal results, follow-ups a few times a year are required. Results can vary from patient to patient. Some individuals will metabolize the drug quicker than others. Additionally, results can vary depending on where you get the injection and the dosage amount.

Interested in Jeuveau® in Pasadena?

If you would like to learn more about Jeuveau® or the cost of the treatment in Pasadena, California, call us at 626-577-7730 or fill out our online contact form.

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