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Buccal Fat Removal

Round “chipmunk cheeks” can contribute to a childish facial appearance. You may feel that your “baby face” is preventing you from getting treated with the respect you deserve, or maybe you prefer the aesthetic look of more defined facial angles and contours. When your round face isn’t the result of weight gain there is little you can do to help slim its appearance. Buccal fat removal is designed to remove fat from the cheek area for a more defined and mature facial definition.

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Achieved With Buccal Fat Removal


Angular, sculpted cheekbones can enhance your natural beauty. However, people with round faces tend to lack these pleasing facial angles. For many people the solution would be to utilize facial fillers to restore volume and sculpt new angles. However, this doesn’t work for people with round faces. Adding volume to an already shapely face will cause the face to appear puffy rather than sculpted. The buccal fat procedure removes fat to reveal the natural angles of your cheeks. This slims your facial appearance and enhances your facial contours.


The “baby face” is usually marked by chubby, pronounced cheeks. A person with a rounder face might appear to their peers as younger and more childlike. Many people with rounder faces have difficulty getting respect and being treated as an authority figure. Having a more mature facial appearance can help people take you more seriously and allow you to feel more confident in positions of authority.


Dr. Taylor conducts thorough and detailed consultations. During your evaluation, Dr. Taylor will identify your facial structures and outline where fat needs to be removed to highlight your facial angles. Customizing each buccal fat removal procedure to the individual patient helps Dr. Taylor achieve natural results that enhance your unique facial beauty.

What Does Buccal Fat Removal Entail?


Buccal fat removal is a quick and efficient office-based procedure usually taking less than an hour to complete. After administering local anesthesia small incisions are made on the inside surface of the cheeks and the fat pads are easily and safely removed. Usually the entire fat pad is removed but it does depend on an individual’s existing anatomy and facial contour. The incisions are closed with a few dissolvable sutures.


You will have to limit the type of food you eat, your physical activities, and utilize a lot of ice the first few days to minimize the swelling. By four to five days after surgery you will look “normal.” But it will take another four to six weeks for the residual swelling to resolve after which your final results will be visible.


Since all incisions are made inside the mouth, there is no visible scarring.


The cost of each buccal fat removal procedure depends on the extent of correction needed. Surgical fees, facility fees, and anesthesia fees can all affect the ultimate cost of your procedure. In general, this is a very cost effective procedure since it is quick and usually performed in the office under local anesthesia.


Local anesthesia is used during buccal fat removal so the discomfort experienced is minimal at most. Initially, during your recovery, you might experience some minor post-operative discomfort which can be controlled using ice and oral pain medication.

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