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Mini Tummy Tuck


Mini Tummy Tuck

Mini tummy tuck surgery, or partial abdominoplasty, is a modified tummy tuck ideal for patients who have excessive fat and skin localized between the belly button and pubic bone. Often, candidates for a mini tummy tuck have always been in good shape, but have recently experienced weight fluctuations or have gone through pregnancy.


What is the difference between a mini tummy tuck and regular tummy tuck?

A mini tummy tuck is the appropriate choice for patients whose waistline and abdomen require less-extensive surgery – unlike a full tummy tuck, a mini will only tighten skin from below the belly button to the pubic bone. Although the incision is made in the exact same place as a full tummy tuck, it does not extend to the hip areas, resulting in a smaller scar line. In addition, as this incision does not extend above the belly button, the belly button will not need to be repositioned.

A mini tummy tuck has a smaller cost, and shorter recovery period, associated with the operation. Dr. Taylor will consult with you prior to surgery to determine if a mini tummy tuck is an appropriate and viable alternative to the full procedure.

Recovering from a Mini Tummy Tuck

Similar to a full tummy tuck, patients will be required to wear a compression garment during the healing period, which generally lasts from two to three weeks. Patients may return to work after one week following surgery, and may resume light activity after 2-3 days. Strenuous activity such as exercise should be avoided for the first month.

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