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What Nipple Reconstruction Can Do for You

Posted March 15, 2019 in Nipple Reconstruction

Many people seek out plastic surgery as a way to enhance their bodies and appearances. It can also boost their confidence and self-esteem. However, there are a few people who find themselves turning to plastic surgery to address defects from birth or even fix issues from previous surgical procedures.

For some women, these issues may center around an unlikely, yet very important area: the nipple. Congenital inverted nipples are rare, typically only affecting about two percent of women, but they can severely affect self-esteem, sexuality, and some aspects of motherhood. In some of the most severe cases, women with inverted nipples may have difficulties breastfeeding, or they may even be unable to breastfeed. Previous breast enhancement surgeries may also leave women with a painful buildup of scar tissue in the nipples.

For the women who are affected, nipple reconstruction can help address these concerns. Dr. Taylor offers a simple solution to treat these issues by way of a nipple reconstruction procedure. This procedure will ensure women get the best, long-lasting results without affecting the delicate tissues surrounding the nipple, boosting the chances of breastfeeding in the future.

Am I a Good Candidate for Nipple Reconstruction?

You could be a good candidate for nipple reconstruction if:

  • You were born with congenital inverted nipples
  • Your inverted nipples cause you pain
  • There is scar tissue buildup from previous surgeries
  • You have concerns about breastfeeding or are unable to breastfeed due to inverted nipples

Nipple Reconstruction Before and After Photos

How Nipple Reconstruction Works

There are a few different techniques used in nipple reconstruction, such as using skin grafts from other parts of the body to reconstruct the areola, surgical reconstruction of the nipple, and even 3D tattooing. These techniques are typically reserved for mastectomy patients, who will often also undergo breast reconstruction surgery. But for women with a case of inverted nipples or scar tissue, the nipple reconstruction procedure offered by Dr. Taylor will provide the best results.

Dr. Taylor first begins with a small incision at the base of the nipple. This incision is typically unnoticeable after recovery. Then, Dr. Taylor will gently spread the natural fibers responsible for nipple placement until the nipple is in an outward position. These fibers are spread very carefully and in a parallel motion to the milk ducts in order to increase the chances of breastfeeding. Dissolvable sutures are then placed inside the nipple.

This nipple reconstruction technique not only offers women a chance to correct an issue that might have caused pain and severe self-esteem issues, but it also makes the possibility of breastfeeding more likely.

Are you interested in seeing what nipple reconstruction can do for you? Call Dr. Taylor’s office as soon as possible at 626-314-6476 and schedule a consultation.

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