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Nipple Reconstruction

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Nipple Reconstruction in Pasadena & Los Angeles

Inverted Nipple before correction
Inverted nipple after inverted nipple correction surgery.

Clearly, nipples are an integral part of the breast, in terms of the role they play in appearance, sexuality, and motherhood. Occasionally (in approximately 2% of women), congenital inverted nipples or built up scar tissue occurs. For women affected by chronically inverted nipples, self-esteem and body image can be severely affected.

Fortunately, there is a surgical solution for inverted nipple conditions. A variety of techniques have been tried throughout the years, but one modern method has proven to deliver the successful, long-term results patients seek.

Inverted Nipple Correction: Our Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Tells All

Most patients are curious as to how the procedure works. Dr. Taylor offers the following details:

– A small, unnoticeable incision is made at the base of the nipple
– The fibers responsible for pulling the nipple inward are gently spread to free the nipple into a natural, outward position
– Dissolvable sutures are placed inside the nipple

Many women are concerned regarding the spreading of the fibers, due to their close proximity to the milk ducts. There is no need to worry; the spreading is done carefully, in a parallel motion to the milk ducts to increase the chances of breastfeeding preservation.

To learn more regarding inverted nipple correction at our Los Angeles plastic surgery practice, please request a consultation appointment with Dr. Taylor.

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