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When Can I Lay On My Stomach After Breast Augmentation?

Posted June 06, 2024 in Breast Augmentation

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After breast augmentation surgery, you’ll have to make several adjustments to your daily lifestyle to aid in the recovery process. One lifestyle component that many women may neglect to think about is their sleeping position and how breast augmentation recovery will affect this. Here, we discuss what is the best sleeping position after surgery, how soon after breast augmentation you can sleep on your stomach, when you can sleep without a bra, and when you can expect your breast implants to feel normal.

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Recovering From Breast Augmentation

Many women are excited to see their breast augmentation results after surgery and wear clothes that will show off their new feminine curves. However, before you’re able to enjoy your results fully, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to go through the breast augmentation recovery process first. During your recovery, you’ll need to rest and refrain from strenuous activities to allow your body to heal safely and quickly.

When planning your breast augmentation, you should research experienced board-certified surgeons, before and after photos of results, and information about the procedure to allow you to decipher your goals and make an informed decision on which surgeon you choose. However, it is equally important to research the breast augmentation recovery process so that you can prepare yourself mentally and physically.

Mentally preparing yourself for a breast augmentation recovery may look like researching recovery timelines, looking up wedge pillows, and figuring out which bras you can wear after surgery. Physically preparing for recovery may involve purchasing bras and comfortable clothing to wear post-surgery. You may also want to plan ahead and arrange for someone to drive you home from surgery, meal prep for the first few recovery days, and prepare your home to optimize comfort and functionality while recovering.

What Is the Best Sleeping Position for Breast Implants?

As you plan for your breast augmentation recovery, you’ll become aware of how crucial it is not to put unnecessary pressure on the newly augmented breasts. While this may sound simple enough on its own, many women don’t think about how this will affect their sleeping habits.

Most people are used to sleeping on their sides or stomachs at night and may even shift around a lot and change positions. However, during breast augmentation recovery, you’ll need to sleep on your back in an elevated position. Sleeping on your back at a slightly inclined position (typically recommended at a 25 to 45-degree angle) is best during recovery because it allows your breasts to be free of any additional pressure and stay in a natural position. By laying with your upper body slightly elevated, you are also reducing fluid buildup and promoting blood circulation. Some surgeons may recommend using a wedge pillow to elevate yourself in bed, but you may also create a similar effect by stacking regular pillows. Some patients even sleep on a recliner chair for the first few days after surgery.

Sleeping on your sides or stomach puts pressure on your breast implants and may increase swelling. Additional pressure on your new implants makes you more susceptible to reopening your closed incisions and slowing down the healing process. When you sleep on your implants before they are fully healed, they are prone to shifting, which may leave you with asymmetrical breasts and less-than-ideal results.

In addition to sleeping on your back during recovery, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t move onto your sides or stomach while asleep. One of the best ways to prevent moving in your sleep is to place additional pillows on either side of your body to prevent you from unconsciously shifting around throughout the night.

How Soon After Breast Augmentation Can I Sleep on My Stomach?

Sleeping in a position you are not used to can certainly be an adjustment, and some women may be counting down the days until they can return to their usual sleeping arrangements. However, you likely won’t feel comfortable lying on your stomach or sides while your breasts are still healing, since they will feel swollen and tender.

In general, women should wait at least six weeks before sleeping on their stomachs after breast augmentation. Every woman’s recovery timeline will vary depending on individual circumstances, so it’s important to listen to your body and ask your surgeon if you’re cleared for stomach sleeping.

Typically, women should wait until their breasts are fully recovered before attempting to sleep on their sides or stomachs. After all the time, money, and effort you’ve spent investing in your breast augmentation procedure, you’ll want to ensure that your results aren’t compromised in any way. It is best to stay on the safe side by sleeping on your back until your surgeon deems it safe to switch to other positions.

When Can I Sleep Braless After Breast Augmentation?

Many women are used to sleeping without a bra and may even be regularly braless throughout the day. After breast augmentation, you’ll need to wear a compression bra, typically for the duration of your six to eight-week recovery period. Wearing a compression bra is important during breast augmentation recovery as it will help minimize swelling and support the breasts to aid healing. You’ll need to wear this bra to sleep during recovery as well.

Many surgeons advise waiting until at least six weeks after your procedure before going braless. Waiting until the breasts are healed and have adjusted to their “final” position is important, as before this happens, the newly augmented breasts will need lots of support. Bras help the breast implants adjust to their new positions in the breast pockets and settle into the chest. Ask your surgeon how long you’ll need to wear a compression bra and when you can stop wearing a bra to sleep.

When Do Breast Implants Feel Normal?

Right after your breast augmentation, your breasts may feel hard, tight, and extra sensitive. These feelings are normal and temporary. Your breasts will initially rest at a higher point on your chest due to swelling, but this will not be their permanent position. Throughout breast augmentation recovery, as your implants settle and swelling subsides, your breasts will drop to the intended position and feel more natural.

Breast implants usually start to feel more normal around six weeks after surgery. However, breast augmentation results will continue to develop for a few months after the procedure, and it may take until then for your breasts to fully settle and feel more comfortable.

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