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Do I Need a Breast Lift or a Breast Augmentation?

Posted September 22, 2016 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Breast Lift

The breasts are important to most females. To many, they define a woman as a woman. The appearance of a woman’s breasts can make her feel insecure, especially if they don’t fit the typical ideal of large, full, and perky breasts. Breast surgery continues to grow in popularity due to the prominence of the breasts and their influence on the feminine physique. Many women may be unsatisfied with the appearance of their breasts but may be unsure which procedure is the best for achieving their goals. Depending on the areas of correction, a woman may undergo breast augmentation surgery, breast lift surgery, or a combination of both to achieve her ideal breast size and shape.

Correct Small, Undefined Breasts

before-and-after-breast-augmentationMany women who desire a fuller chest due to small, undefined breasts may be considering breast enhancement surgery. If a woman would like to achieve larger breasts and improve her breast shape, breast augmentation is an excellent option. Breast augmentation involves the use of saline or silicone breast implants to increase the size and improve the shape, projection, and symmetry of the breasts.

Dr. Taylor offers personalized breast augmentation procedures. Depending on the patient, the breast implants can be placed through an incision in the breast crease, around the nipple, or within the armpit. Typically, this is a quick, outpatient procedure that can provide immediate and beautiful results.

Lift and Shape Sagging Breasts

before-and-after-breast-lift-surgeryMany women may think they need a breast augmentation but could better achieve their goals with breast lift surgery. Aging, pregnancy, and gravity can all take a toll on the breasts, which results in unwanted sagging of the bustline.

Women often think they should add more volume with breast implants to correct sagging; however, if there is a loss of skin elasticity, breast augmentation will not improve the appearance of the breasts. Breast lift surgery is designed to raise and reshape the breasts by removing excess skin and bringing the breasts up into a more youthful position. Patients can expect to achieve breasts that sit upright on the chest while feeling firmer and looking well-positioned.

Breast Lift With Augmentation

Many women who undergo breast lift surgery are massive weight loss or post-pregnancy patients. Most of these women have lost breast volume and need the breasts raised and reshaped. For women who would like to increase the size of their breasts and correct sagging, a breast lift can be combined with a breast augmentation. To correct sagging, excess skin and tissue are removed from the bottom of the breasts and around the areola. The remaining skin is tightened and lifted. Saline or silicone breast implants are inserted through an incision to create balance, shape, and volume in the breasts.

Which breast surgery is right for me?

Although you can get a general idea of what each procedure is performed to correct, it is best to have your breasts examined by an experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Taylor is a skilled and passionate cosmetic and reconstructive expert. He tailors every breast surgery to the individual’s anatomy and goals. During an examination, Dr. Taylor will go over the procedure in further detail and create a surgical plan that is perfect for your body and preferences.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Taylor today! He will be happy to provide you with all the information you need. Contact us by calling (626) 577-7730 or by filling out our online contact form.

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