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Chisel Down Your Chipmunk Cheeks

Posted October 29, 2015 in Buccal Fat Removal, Facial Enhancement, Surgical Procedures

Buccal Fat RemovalChubby, pinchable cheeks are a favorite of grandmas everywhere. However, you may feel that your cheeks are preventing you from having a mature and defined facial structure. Many people underestimate how having a “baby face” affects how others perceive you. Round cheeks can make you appear much younger than you are, causing people to take you less seriously. This can become highly problematic in professional and social settings.

Round Faces Aren’t Always a Weight Problem

Round faces with chubby cheeks aren’t always the result of weight gain. Many slim people have softer cheeks, which don’t reflect the rest of their physical appearance. You may be disappointed when losing those extra pounds doesn’t alter the appearance of your face. For many, surgical intervention is necessary to create a better defined, angular face.  

Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal is an ideal procedure for patients who want to create definition in their faces by removing fat but who don’t want to use liposuction. Buccal fat removal is performed using local anesthesia and takes only an hour. A small incision is created on the inside of each cheek. Through this incision, a fat pad is removed. The size and shape of the removed fat pad will depend on what contours you desire for your facial appearance. Once the fat is removed, the incisions are closed and your face may appear swollen for one week. Your final results should be visible within four to six weeks.

Patients choose buccal fat removal when their undefined facial features are caused by excess fat in the cheeks. When this occurs, other sculpting alternatives such as fillers or implants cannot adequately create the facial definition and angles you desire.

Choosing an Experienced Surgeon

While buccal fat removal is a straightforward and safe procedure, it requires a surgeon with intimate knowledge of the facial structures to achieve natural-looking results. Dr. Taylor is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a focus on facial plastic surgery. He has a detailed understanding of facial structure and shape. His passion and attention to detail help him expertly craft new facial features. Subtlety and precision are key for achieving beautifully enhanced facial definition.

If you’re looking to correct the appearance of your chipmunk cheeks, schedule your consultation with Dr. Taylor today. He and his friendly staff are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Contact our office by calling (626) 557-7730, or fill out our online contact form for additional information.

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