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It isn’t surprising that liposuction has gained and maintained its popularity throughout the years. Just about everyone would like to have a slim and flattering figure, and having slender body contours can help a person feel confident in their skin. However, it can be frustrating when diet and exercise fail to achieve results; some pockets of stubborn fat cannot be addressed even with a healthy lifestyle. This is when liposuction comes in handy.

Liposuction is a surgery that eliminates excess fat deposits. As a safe and efficient method for fat removal, liposuction can help a person achieve a slimmer, better-contoured physique.

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Achieved With Liposuction

Liposuction is used to target specific areas of excess fat. By removing fat from the target areas, patients can achieve a slimmer body that is more attractive and proportionate to the rest of their figure.

What Does Liposuction Entail?

There are many safe and effective liposuction methods available. Dr. Taylor pre-treats the involved areas using the time-tested tumescent technique, which involves the injection of a tumescent fluid before fat removal. The tumescent solution helps break up the fat, making it easier to be suctioned out, it shrinks blood vessels so there is less bruising and it numbs the area for pain relief. The next step involves the actual fat removal using a variety of techniques such as power-assisted technique or ultrasound-assisted technique. It really doesn’t matter what technique is used as long as the surgeon has experience and confidence in their preferred technique. In other words, it is not the technique that removes the fat but rather it is the surgeon and his expertise that removes the fat. Dr. Taylor has been performing liposuction and body contouring for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in all the newest cutting edge technologies.

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