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Lip Augmentation

Many people desire to have beautiful, full lips. Voluptuous lips can make someone appear more attractive and youthful, and they can help create a flattering smile. Aging, heredity, and the effects of time can negatively transform the lips. A person may have always had small lips or may have developed thin, wrinkled lips over time. Many people want to improve the appearance of their lips but find that there aren’t any magical fixes or at-home treatments for achieving their desired look. Fortunately, Dr. Taylor offers many lip augmentation options for adding volume to the lips while correcting fine lines and wrinkles.

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Lip Augmentation Techniques

Over time, the skin between the upper lip and nostrils can stretch, while the vermilion (the colored portion of the lips) thins out. The corners of the lips begin to droop, and the attractive lip curves start to fade. A surgical lip lift can reverse these effects. The upper lip can be restored to a more full, natural appearance, allowing the upper teeth to show again. An incision is made in the shadow crease between the nostril sill to lift and regain more lip volume and to correct sagging. The scar will be virtually invisible and fade over time.

What Does Lip Augmentation Entail?

Depending on the patient’s need and goals, there are various surgical and non-surgical procedures a patient can undergo for lip augmentation. Dr. Taylor can perform surgical lip augmentation (lip lift or implants), collagen injections, injectable fillers, or fat transfer surgery to augment and smooth the lips.

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