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Posted April 18, 2013 in Testimonials

Dear Nicole,

Nicole, I wanted to write you about my PS, Dr. Thomas Scott Taylor in Pasadena, CA. Yesterday was my BA and I am writing to tell you that I have had the best experience with this man that anyone could hope to have.

I found Dr. Taylor via your website and from the day I had my consult with him, I knew he was the one I wanted for my BA, even though I’d been on several other consultations with very good doctors in the LA area. Dr. Taylor sat with me during our consult for almost an hour answering every single one of my questions, many before I even had to ask them. He is so kind and patient and really goes the extra mile to make sure his patients feel confidant.

The best part was that Dr. Taylor was excited to do my BA because he felt that the results would be perfect, and that is what gave me extra confidance. I wasn’t just another pair of breasts to him. I was a person. On the day of my surgery, he took my pics, marked me, and held my hand when we were in the operating room while the anesthesiologist inserted my IV and until I fell asleep. He was very reassuring and not only did I feel confidant that he would go a good job aesthetically, but I felt safe with him.

I feel that Dr. Taylor is not simply a great surgeon, but an artist at what he does as well. Today I am doing very well, no bruising, but feel stretched and stiff (not to mention HUGE) and am resting. Dr. Taylor called me this morning to make sure I was okay and to once again instruct me to take it easy, not to lift anything heaveier than my purse, to take my antibiotics until they were gone, etc. I am so thrilled with this Dr. that I had to let you know. There are other great reviews of him on your site and I hope you can add mine. Feel free to edit it if you need to, for space, but I wanted to add one more vote of praise to his growing list.

Thank you.

“Exceeding Expectations with Natural Looking, Realistic Results!“ - Dr. Thomas Taylor