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Posted April 18, 2013 in Testimonials

Dear Dr. Taylor,

Well what can I say. You are the Best!!!!!!! Myself and my best friend had our breast augmentation 2 days apart. It was our second time around. We both had bad experiences with our first Dr. but with lots of people saying very wonderful things about Dr. Taylor we both decided to check him out after interviewing lots of others. We both felt safe and secure with Dr. Taylor. Before, during and after I felt just so taken care of. I also felt he listened to everything I wanted. I wouldn’t change one thing. Its as if he listened to every little tiny detail that was important to me. He even checked and fixed my previous Dr.’s mistakes. I’m soooo pleased with my result.. Hey I owe you an after picture…

Much Thanks,

“Exceeding Expectations with Natural Looking, Realistic Results!“ - Dr. Thomas Taylor