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Fat Transfer

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Fat Transfer Surgery in Pasadena & Los Angeles

Whenever possible, the use of a patient’s own tissue is preferred over foreign material in cosmetic surgery. A patient’s own fat can be used to augment chins, cheekbones, and lips, and to eliminate creases and folds of the forehead and face. It can also reduce scarring (such as from acne) and correct deformities. With Fat Transfer, a patient can also augment breasts and buttocks.

How Fat Transfer is Performed:

Lipo-injection procedures are usually done in Dr. Taylor’s office operating room under local anesthetic or mild sedation. A small amount of fat is extracted from the buttocks or abdomen using micro-liposuction techniques. The fat is carefully washed, purified, and concentrated in a centrifuge, and then loaded into syringes and injected carefully and meticulously into the desired area of the face.

Recovery & Results:

Because a fat transfer uses your own fat cells, there is no risk that your face will outright reject the tissue. However, only 1/3 to 1/2 of the injected fat will survive in most patients. For this reason, Dr. Taylor usually injects more fat than necessary to compensate for the fat loss typical of the first few months following the procedure. This over-correction may result in a swollen or “plump” appearance in the treated area, which generally subsides after 1 week.

Although some bruising may occur at the site of the injection, patients can typically resume normal activities immediately following the procedure.

Pasadena Fat Transfer by Dr. Taylor

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