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Facial / Neck Liposuction

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If you are troubled by unwanted facial fat, a double chin, or sagging jowls, facial liposuction may be worth your consideration. A safe, proven means of removing the excess fat that causes these unattractive features, facial liposuction can slim down the face in target areas when diet and exercise fail to do so.

For men, it can help chisel out a masculine, well-defined chin, neck or jaw line; for women, it can slenderize the cheeks, chin or neck to create a softer, and often more sensual appearance. For male and female patients alike, facial liposuction can alter the overall fullness of the face to produce an attractive result.

Facial/Neck Liposuction: How is it performed?

As a Los Angeles liposuction surgeon, Dr. Taylor has utilized facial or neck liposuction to help numerous patients attain their desired appearance. Each procedure is performed using a surgical cannula, which is inserted by way of a discreet, unseen location on the face or neck.

Like other liposuction procedures, facial liposuction uses suction to remove deep fat layers that lie under the skin. Most facial liposuction procedures remove relatively small amounts of fat, compared to liposuction on other body areas; but fortunately, the procedure can produce visible, impressive results with very little fat loss.

Dr. Taylor finds that in most cases, facial liposuction recovery only involves minor discomfort (if any), and requires only a few days off from work. The entire procedure usually lasts just under one hour, and is usually performed under a local anesthetic in our Pasadena cosmetic surgery office operating room.

To inquire about undergoing facial liposuction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Taylor. He will be glad to address your questions and concerns.

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