Breast Augmentation w/ Lift in Pasadena & Los Angeles

Breast Augmentation with Lift

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Breast Augmentation with Lift in Pasadena & Los Angeles

In some cases, breast lift patients desire augmentation in concert with their mastopexy. For women who are dissatisfied with small breast size and a sagging bustline, combining the two procedures can be a good way to significantly enhance the figure.

Auspiciously, performing a breast lift that includes the use of implants is relatively easy for our Pasadena breast augmentation surgeon. To lift the breasts, excess skin from the bottom of the breasts and the area around the areola is removed.

Then, the remaining skin is gathered to tighten and raise the breasts. The saline or silicone gel implants of the patient’s choice are inserted, and sterile sutures are applied for optimal healing. It should be noted that a breast lift requires larger incisions than a breast enlargement alone. Often, incisions extend downward from the areola. However, these scars are generally tolerable and have been known to fade over time.

A breast augmentation with lift is usually performed on an outpatient basis; the surgery may last for two to three hours, with the aid of general anesthesia.

If a breast augmentation/breast lift combination is of interest to you, please request a consultation with Dr. Taylor. He will be happy to provide you with more information.

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