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Posted April 18, 2013 in Testimonials

Dr. Thomas S. Taylor of Taylor Plastic Surgery Center in Pasadena, CA. He is WONDERFUL!!!! I researched for weeks on who to go to, his patient comments were very positive. So I made a consultation appointment with Carolyn and she took about two hours (no fee) to answer and talk to me about everything I needed to know!!!! I went from a 36AA to about at 36 Full C or possibly “baby”D, I won’t know until some more swelling goes down. I took Arnica Montana a homeophatic supplement that they sell at nature food stores, it really works!!! That is why I did not have any bruising! You will be constipated from the strong medicines for pain and antibiotics, make sure and buy some laxatives, they are life savers!!!!

Dr. Taylor used the McGhan Saline Implants Style #68 and filled the left side to 500cc and the right side to 515cc. I had the incision on my lower areola since my nipples are very dark, and as soon as the cut heals I will start applying Vitamin E and Aloe Vera fresh plant (I promise you it takes away scars!!!!!!) Dr. Taylor is amazing, honest, and professional. He made me feel like I wasn’t one of his “jobs”. I was prepared with everything from Benadryl for the itching, to panty liners to cover the Neosporin ointment (work better than gauze inside your sports bra!). I had ginger ale to sip on the way home and took my meds and slept like a baby.

I just had my stitches removed yesterday and Dr. Taylor was very happy with the shape and results, NEVER MIND HOW HAPPY I AM TO HAVE BOOBS!!!!!!

Dr. Taylor and his staff (Carolyn and Belinda) are very kind and friendly. They have a nice office, but you don’t feel like you are in a snobby place (if you know what I mean). I have taken it very easy, I took seven days off from work and returned today to just type and answer phones!

I recommend Dr. Taylor highly for his technical skills and for his professional and personal demeanor.

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“Exceeding Expectations with Natural Looking, Realistic Results!“ - Dr. Thomas Taylor