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Face Lift w/ Neck Lift

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Face Lift w/ Neck Lift in Pasadena & Los Angeles

Los Angeles Face Lift

It goes without saying that aging is inevitable; and when coupled with heredity, personal habits, and sun exposure, time can take a serious toll on the appearance. Women and men alike experience its visible effects, and many aim to reverse them with a surgical solution.

A facelift (“rhytidectomy”) is no longer a stigmatized enhancement; instead, it’s looked upon favorably as a way to address the unwanted features that accompany aging, including:


– Loosening skin on the face and neck
– “Crow’s feet” in between the eyes
– Fine forehead lines that become creases and deepen into folds
– A softening jaw line, which evolves into jowls
– Double chins and vertical chin folds


These unpleasant characteristics can be significantly minimized with the aid of Los Angeles facelift surgeon Dr. Taylor. How is it performed? Our Pasadena cosmetic surgeon explains:

“The procedure begins with an incision just above the hairline on the temple; for men, it is aligned to accommodate natural beard lines. In all cases, the incision is placed where it will be camouflaged by a natural skin crease.

Next, the skin is raised outward before I reposition and tighten the underlying muscle and connective tissue. This is followed by the removal of the excess facial fat and loose, hanging skin that causes an aged appearance. After trimming the excess skin, I close the incisions with fine sutures, which permit surgery without shaving hair from the incision site.

Because of the safe, effective anesthesia involved, the patient will experience little discomfort. Finally, I apply a surgical dressing to protect the incision areas. The duration of the procedure is approximately two to four hours. Upon awakening, our friendly staff will provide detailed post-operative instructions and ensure your optimal comfort before you go home.”

Following your recovery, you can enjoy the advantages of a rejuvenated, more youthful facial appearance for years to come.

Dr. Taylor has helped countless patients turn back the clock with this procedure, and he will be glad to discuss its potential benefits with you. To address your specific facelift questions, contact our Los Angeles facelift specialist to request an initial consultation.


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